Loan Solution is a family owned & operated business commencing in 2004. We operate a fee free service helping families, couples, singles & investors find the lending solution they need to achieve their goals, not just what the bank wants them to have.

Buying your first home

There is much to consider and plenty to research. First you need to work out how much you can borrow. This is where our services will really help you. Make sure you have an accurate and detailed budget that takes into account all expenses associated with purchasing a property, including stamp duty, council rates, and other fees.


Buying your next home

The time has come, your current home has been outgrown, outloved or simply outdated, and it is time to move on. What are your options? Do you sell your current property in order to move on, or do you use the existing property as collateral security?


Investing in property

An investment plan is one that works towards building your wealth and securing your financial freedom. For some, the future may seem a long way off, but the time to act is now because the future waits for no one. The housing market is generally a seven to ten year cycle: there are always highs, lows and steady patches.